I don’t have cable, but the internet pointed me in the direction of a very interesting clip of last night’s Video Music Awards, in which Tyler the Creator of Odd Future accepts his award for Best New Artist. Be-freaking-hold:


As the homie Luuvie put it, Tyler “won an award and his mother hopped out her seat like the holy ghost hops out Juanita Bynum’s fingers on Facebook. I ain’t gon fault her too murch though. Her lame hipster son won “Best New Artist” and she clearly had to do a jig for Jesus.” Please hold my mule.

If you are unfamiliar with Tyler and his group, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, they are a motley crew of tortured emo post-adolecents from California that rap and sing about um…cocaine, rape, White girls, hating gays, how miserable it is to have parents, and other such topics. You’ve likely heard “Novocane” from Frank Ocean, who is the oldest member of the crew at 24 year. OFWGKTA is like the Gravediggaz and Drake had some kids together; a bit too subversive for subversive’s sake for my taste, though I will say there is a lot of talent in the group (Tyler sucks at rapping, IMO, but on the boards he could be the next RZA).

So, in a nutshell, Tyler’s mom jumped up and down like he graduated from Morehouse with honors and no student loans because he won a VMA. I would imagine that seeing one’s child win a big award would be cool. However, if this allegedly churchy woman is aware of the things her son talks about in his music- rape, drugs, the devil and a disinterest in the same Christ that she serves, then am I the only one who finds it weird that she was this excited? I mean, I just can’t see me being happy that my child was out here talking about some real terrible stuff.

Mom the Creator of Tyler is not first mother out here cheering a child on for being successful at pushing this sort of thing. Even the gangsta rappers of days gone by were shouting out moms along side Jesus and to this day, Small Bow Wow and Chris Brown’s mothers will proudly defend all of their bullsh*t on Twitter as if they, too, were empty headed 16 year old fans. And while I think its great that most of us can count on our moms to love and support us, I still think there needs to be a limit…or is Mama Tyler simply committed to the C.R.E.A.M. team? “I hated all those songs about the devil and raping…but then I realized my baby was gonna buy me a fancy new car!”

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