The revamped Rocawear brand has tapped Trey Songz to be the spokesperson of the new Evolution Fragrance for Men. Evolution combines top notes of mandarin, mango and rhubarb, middle notes of coffee, incense and nutmeg and base notes of musk, amber and tonka for a fresh yet musky scent.

At an intimate editor preview, Trey Songz explained that he’s the perfect match for the fragrance. “Evolution is very masculine yet very subtle at the same time. And I think those are some character traits that describe myself,” he said.

Trey felt the musky scent will appeal to men, and the women who love them: “Clearly, a woman loves a man that smells good. Women have a great appreciation for style and fragrances are a piece of style just as much as the clothes they’re wearing. Evolution is like that perfect mixture of a strong scent but yet still soft and subtle. When I wear it, I feel a little more confident. I’m a confident man already but it definitely gives that extra boost.”

As for the type of woman he’s looking for, Trey said he likes his women independent and confident: “There’s an appropriate time for getting glammed up and every woman deserves that moment to get made up and look as beautiful as she wants to. But I also love a woman who can appreciate humor and silly moments and be tomboy-esque as well as feminine. Confidence is sexy. That’s why I love independent women but I also love for independent women to let a man be a man. In terms of looks, I love all women.”

In addition to being the new face of the scent, Trey Songz has a film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D, coming out next year and is currently working on a new album entitled Chapter 5.

The Rocawear Evolution fragrance is available now in department stores and retails for $35 (for 1 fl oz), $52 (for 1.7 fl oz), $67 (for 3.3 fl oz) and $16 (for 2.6 oz deodorant stick).

What do you think of Trey Songz for Rocawear Evolution fragrance? Is it important to you that your man smells good?


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