Well, if you love Tyler Perry’s shows, plays, and films, this one is for you.

Perry and the film studio Lionsgate are said to be teaming up for a new cable network called Tyler TV. The network would initially show reruns of Perry’s sitcoms like “House of Payne” and “Meet the Brows,” as well as many of his movies. Tyler TV would also buy content that is similar to Perry’s and meshes with the Christian ideas that underscore his films.

Although Oprah’s network has hard time pulling in viewers, the New York Times doesn’t think Perry will have a problem because his fans have been so loyal in the past.

According to the NY Times, Perry and Lionsgate are exploring possible ways to roll out Tyler TV.

Lionsgate and Mr. Perry are exploring three routes for distribution, according to the official briefed on the matter. One involves rebranding all or part of the TV Guide Network, which is available to about 80 million homes. Lionsgate owns 50 percent of that channel; One Equity Partners controls the rest.

Lionsgate and Mr. Perry also could buy a small cable channel that has a complementary audience — the Gospel Broadcasting Network comes to mind — and move to rebrand and expand it. Another option involves Comcast, which extracted approval from government regulators for its recent takeover of NBC Universal by committing to provide more minority-run programming.

So if you love Tyler Perry’s work, then this is great news for you. And if you don’t, well there are hundreds of other choices to pick from.


What do you think of Tyler Perry getting his own cable network? Will you be tuning in?

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