Actor, singer and chronic personal PR nightmare-on-Twitter Tyrese has once again found himself getting bad press via the 140-charactr social network. While he usually gets roasted for his bad grammar and worse advice for the ladies, Jody got himself in hot water this time around after posting a new video of his which was almost  completely devoid of Black women (I peeped one in a corner). When his largely Black female follower-base took him to task, he informed them that its not his fault that the “best” women who came out weren’t Black.

How do I say this without snarking the women in this video…some of those women are only gonna be afforded “best” status by men who seem to have a fetish for the ‘exotic’.  Not that they weren’t pretty, but I doubt a White guy would have been so excited by the White women cast. And even if these were the most gorgeous non-Black women in the world, it takes a real asshole to say “Here’s a video from a Black artist with a largely Black female fan base. What kind of woman should we cast?” and comes up with that.

Anyway, forget Jody and this wack video. It wouldn’t matter if he cast Alek Wek or your cousin Keisha, this fool made a song with the Pied Pedophile of R&B AND Tyga. The girls were just the mayonnaise on the fail sandwich.


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