According to Forbes Online , Beyonce is the most powerful Black woman in America. We can infer that this has something to do with money, because of the source, but we don’t know how the list was compiled because there was no actual article. Just a slideshow of pictures that perplexingly placed Mrs. Knowles-Carter in front of Oprah and First Lady Michele Obama. Did Forbes confuse ‘power’ with ‘famous’, or was that just a dig at our community for our lack of a real political or activist center? Our most “powerful” woman is a pretty dancer/singer? Bogus.

Also absent from the site is the list of the 10 most powerful White, Asian or Latina women. Why does Forbes need to clock this kind of thing when it comes to us? The mag should stay in its lane and leave some of the Black stuff to Ebony or Essence. Telling us that Beyonce is the most powerful Black woman in America is akin to describing Brad Pitt as the most powerful White man.

Strangely enough, the site’s list of the world’s “100 Most Powerful Women” clocked the FLOTUS at number one…so how did Bey best her when the list was Negronia specific?

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