In a story that is enough to keep any parent-or person who dreams of being one-awake at night, a sixteen-year-old girl has come forward to say that she did not have sex with Lil’ Wayne…one day after she and a friend posted updates to their Facebook and Twitter pages that seem to indicate otherwise. There are pictures of the girl in question Wayne’s tour bus standing near a bed as he smokes something and another shot of the two outside; the girl in question, Sisi, posted on Facebook that she “spent the night with Mr. Carter himself” and a friend Tweeted that her girls were “whores”, that she would not have done what they did and asked Wayne (via his Twitter handle) if he knew the crew was still in high school. MTO also obtained a series of texts allegedly from Sisi and a friend in which she stated that Wayne wore a condom during their encounter.


This, of course, brings back memories of the long R. Kelly child-molestation saga (for which I will not forgive, nor forget or support Robert’s music). One of the most common charges leveled against the girls (you know rape is the one crime where the victim is also the accused, right?) was that they were little ‘fast asses’ and shouldn’t have been around a grown man in the first place and did he even know they were young? In essence: it was all their fault (and that’s for those who believe it happened at all; some people actually fell for the “I have a brother who looks like me, maybe it was him” excuse Kells gave in an interview). As someone who obsessed over the Kelly drama for years, I’ll say that the girls on the video-and Aaliyah, who we know that he married- did not look grown. They looked like girls in their mid-teens and they were girls in their mid-teens and there were enough of them to indicate a pattern.

Wayne’s situation, however, is a bit trickier. While the girl photographed with him is clearly no 24-year-old, she most certainly could pass for 18 or 19 with the amount of make-up and the attire she was wearing.

And this, my friends, could lead to a sad story with no winners, only losers.

If the rapper did sleep with this girl and did not know her age, either because she lied or because he failed to ask, then he may be subject to social consequences that may not seem fair (the age of consent in Canada is 16, so it is unlikely that he will be charged with a crime). Even if he didn’t, some people will invariably hold on to this and judge him for it.

As for the girl…I want to ask why she has herself looking like that, why she would even be on the tour bus in the first place and how could she not know that putting that sort of information on the web would certainly cause controversy. And if she did have sex with Wayne, why was she willing to jeopardize her safety in such a way? But then I have to look back to when I was seventeen and ran backstage after a Maxwell concert. I hadn’t came to the show with any intentions of bagging the then 28-year-old singer, but something happened in my little brain and told me to go back there and try and meet him. I met his band before getting busted by security. I don’t think that I would have lied about my age or done anything crazy…but I wasn’t in the position where I was tested, so I can’t rightly say what would have done.

So should she have known better? Yes. Are sixteen-year-olds known for both knowing and doing better? Absolutely not.

At the end of the day, a fast-ass little girl is still a little girl, which is why there are social mores and laws designed to protect her from predators and even her own bad choices. I hope this sordid mess serves as a reminder to parents to do your best to evaluate what your child has on before they leave the house, who they are leaving with and how long they will be gone…and, most importantly, to talk plainly to your daughters and sons about why they shouldn’t be hanging out with grown-ups. As for Wayne, I hope he knows now to follow the advice that R.Kelly ironically sang but never abides by: ask that pretty girl to show you some ID.

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