A few years ago, two new rappers named Wale and Kid Cudi entered the hip-hop game. Young and eager, the two got into a little spat which was then made into an overhyped rivalry by press in every article to follow.

Since then, the newcomers have become stars in their own right with fan bases and acclaimed albums to boot.  After making up via Twitter and gearing up for their sophomore albums, both Wale and Kid Cudi are putting the beef behind them. According to MTV News, the rappers are reuniting for a track titled, “Focused.” The song will be featured on Wale’s upcoming album, Ambition.

Wale told MTV News about the track, which he will be rapping and Cudi singing, saying:

“It feels like the record that ‘Is There Any Love’ was supposed to be. When they kept talking about me and Cudi in every magazine, this is the record I felt like they needed to hear — the one that everybody was going to get behind, and it was going to go top 40 and not be corny. This is like the best top 40 non-cheesy record that you’re ever going to hear in your life. That’s how I feel about it.”

And that “beef”? The D.C. rapper says it’s all behind them now and chalks it up to their coming of age:

“We’re 23 years old at this time, we’re trying to figure it all out. We went from not having shit to having money at our disposal, so it kind of fucked up our friendship. He doesn’t smoke as much anymore, but his name is Scott.”


Wale’s Ambition is set to drop Novemeber 1st.

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