While he is known for the being the first of many things, President Barack Obama is without question the first social media president. From his campaigns use of Facebook during the 2008 elections to his administration’s Twitter town hall meetings, there’s no doubt that @BarackObama is up on his technology.

This week, the President’s team announced that he will be joining another social media network- one you may not have expected: Foursquare.

TIME reports:

According to the White House, Obama’s Foursquare account will feature the places he visits and what he did there, along with historical information about the stop and more. Starting with the President’s tour across the Midwest, he’ll be checking in as he discusses ways to strengthen the economy across the region. He kicked off the service by checking in at Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where he met with a crowd of 500 people.


While the account is sure to be monitored by administration staff, it will give followers a map of the President’s public schedule. Currently, the Commander in Chief has 7,000 followers but we’re sure that will grow as word gets around.  Sadly, this does mean that the current ‘Mayor’ of the White House could soon be ousted.  The title, with more than 23,000 check ins is Aya Maher, a staff reporter with the Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun.  Maher, who spoke with Foreign Policy‘s The Cable blog, is taking the whole thing in stride, saying:

“As POTUS’ soon-to-be mayoral predecessor, I think the least he can do is give me an exclusive interview.”

Still, she says she thinks she has a good shot of being able to hang on to her title, what with Obama being busy leading the free world and all:

“I imagine that POTUS has a lot of people calling and emailing him all the time, which could really divide his attention, and quite honestly, diminish his chances at ever really making it big on Foursquare.  Alas, I think he is going to have to make the tough choice between being the president or the mayor of the White House.”

What do you think of President Obama joining Foursquare? Is his team taking the social media approach too far or are you excited to follow along? Share your thoughts Clutchettes and gents!

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