It isn’t really surprising that the designer behind Peace Images describes herself as “a free spirit.” Of course, Camille Peace is. The So-Cal native is–in her own words– “proud to be Black. I prefer to attend the school of hard knocks, and I’m pretty sure I made jewelry in a past life. I have an amazing fiancee who encourages me and assists me in many aspects of my business,” she told Coco & Creme. “I have natural hair that I’ve been growing out for ten years, and in two months, I’ll be moving to Atlanta. I like to move around as often as I possibly can. Seize the day! I’m a double – Pisces, Libra who is constantly in tune with my surroundings, on every level. I become what I am around, and for that reason I can be very guarded over who I let into my space!”

So glad we made the cut! Get to know Camille more below.

Coco + Creme: Where did the concept for Peace Images come from? How long have you been in business?

Camille Peace: My introduction to art was photography. My fiancee, a DJ, encouraged me to shoot the artists he worked with. My last name is Peace so “Peace Images” came naturally. How can I NOT incorporate such a dope name into everything I do on some level. When I began making jewelry, I felt the name still applied! I’ve been in business since 2008.

C+C: Do you create the pieces yourself?

CP: Yes I do! Everything that leaves my studio has been in my hands. I love passing along bits of my energy to my customers! It’s truly a gift.

C+C: Is your jewelry line reflective of your personal style?

CP: DEFINITELY. Filled with passion. Recognizable in a sea of other baubles. Not all pieces match; some are put together using components that I’ve had in my possession for years. Sometimes pieces are loud and attention-grabbing, others are quiet, adding to existing style. I respond to earth tones, and texture, ancient symbols and free thought.

C+C: What influences the jewelry that you create?

CP: I’m influenced by lines and colors in paintings, patterns on palm fronds, songs, album covers; any and everything. Inspiration lies suspended around me at all times. I especially find inspiration in the trials our black American and African elders experienced. I feel a responsibility to tell stories, and to teach lessons, through my art.

C+C: What are your best sellers?

CP: My “033010” sterling silver/pewter ankh ring is a fabulous ankh ring that goes with ANYTHING! My “Remember Your Name” statement necklace sells immediately every time I’m able to list one in the shop. Each piece tells its own story. Our Egyptian “Vision Studs” are available in 3 different versions, and sizes and are definitely customer faves. And finally our “Fandango” vintaged brass lightweight stud earrings. I love this pair for its ability to offer size, without tugging on those precious earlobes!

C+C: If we were to take a peek into your handbag, what are five things we would find?

CP: A small container of Palmer’s cocoa butter formula for my lips, honey mist from Oyin Handmade, my wallet, an emergency bag filled with earrings, a ring and a necklace in case I had to leave the house in a rush, and my phone!

C+C: Are there any new exciting plans on the horizon for Peace Images?

CP: We’re moving operations from Los Angeles to ATL, in October, for a year. I love traveling, and not having kids (yet) is even more of a reason to be reckless with how often I move around. Once we arrive, I’ll be setting up a showroom so people can sample all of my work in person when they are in the area!! We’ll also be taking our show on the road, doing more events around the US so I’ll be meeting more of my customers in person. Our Fall/Winter Collection will be released toward the end of November!

Connect with Camille on her Facebook and Twitter pages and shop Peace Images here. See the best sellers and our favorite pieces below.

–Channing Hargrove

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