It isn’t a secret that we love standout accessories that you can’t find just anywhere. The more unique and one-of-a-kind the jewelry is, the better!  The resplendent finds on jewelry site, Rachel Stewart, are just that. Get into Rachel and her site with our exclusive interview:

Coco + Creme: Where did the concept for Rachel Stewart come from? How long have you been in business?

Rachel Stewart: I’ve been in business for three years. I decided after being laid off from my job that I needed to be the one deciding when, where, why and how my income would come from. It’s scary suddenly losing income when you have a family, and I didnt like being another statistic. I realized that there was a market for women like me that loved fashion and accessories but maybe didnt have access to the kind of jewelry that really spoke to them. I started small and the blogs took notice. It was this kind of support that made it possible for me to stay in business. We really need keep our money in our community, support indy artist like me and so many others that wouldn’t get support outside our community.

C+C: Do you create the pieces yourself?

RS: Yes, I design the pieces myself. Most pieces are created by hand and some are outsourced to be cut by machinery that wouldn’t fit in my house! I offer some traditional African necklaces and earrings that aren’t made by me but can be hard to find online. I think it’s important to wear jewelry, clothes, or hairstyles that reflect our culture, even if it’s just earrings or an afro.

C+C: Is your jewelry line reflective of your personal style?

RS: Yes, I love big, bold and loud pieces…just like my personality!

C+C: What are your best sellers?

RS: The gold afro pick shaped earrings, young gifted and black wooden earrings and the HEY MR DJ necklace.

C+C: What influences the jewelry that you create?

RS: The music divas of the 70s and 80s: Patti Labelle, Angela Winbush, Patrice Rushen, Bettie Davis, Phyllis Hyman…and many others.

C+C: If we were to take a peek into your handbag, what are five things we would find?

RS: Lip gloss, shades, my MCM wallet and more lip gloss.

C+C: Are there any new exciting plans on the horizon for Rachel Stewart?

RS: I’m working on my fall line right now and also some men’s cuffs and necklaces. I also plan to produce my own Podcast soon! I’m an album collector. I love vinyl and I want to share all my obscure B-side tracks with everyone.

See some of our favorite pieces below and be sure to check out Rachel Stewart’s site here:

–Channing Hargrove

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