It isn’t a secret that technology is taking our lives. Most of us have our hands attached to the phone anyway so we might as well give those we are ignoring for online interactions (I kid, I kid. Kind-of) something simply fabulous to look at. We actually can, thanks to Shauntoni Curtis of Simply Fab and her hand-crafted iPhone and iPad cases. Let’s get to know the gal behind the bling, shall we?

Coco & Creme: Tell readers about yourself and your background.

Shauntoni Curtis: Well, I’m a down to earth girl, that likes BIG gaudy things :) I’m into styling, fashion, fitness and anything girly that you can possibly think of. I went to the University of Delaware where I received my degree in Fashion Merchandising. Since then, I’ve been a retail manager at two famous retailers and I am currently in the process of opening a pole fitness studio in my local area, as well as making my Simply Fabulous cases.

C & C: What is the concept behind Simply Fab? What made you decide to design cases?

Shauntoni: Right before the iPhone4 came out, I knew that I wanted to get it, but I also knew that everybody else would be getting it as well. So, I thought to myself ‘what can I do to make my phone look different from everyone else’s?’ And that’s how Simply Fabulous was born.

The concept is that you can always have a piece of jewelry with you wherever you go, your phone case. Let’s face it, in this day and age, our cell phones are our lives. Simply Fabulous phone cases gives women the opportunity to let their phones represent who they are and stand out from the crowd.

C & C: How long does it take you come design/create each case? Are you working alone?

Shauntoni: It generally takes me about a day to do a case, and that’s once I actually start it just based on the orders that I have. I tell all of my customers that the turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks. And I am doing everything by myself. I get a lot of help from my better half (my hubby) on the business side, and I’m the creative side.

C & C: What is your best selling case?

Shauntoni: My best selling case right now would have to be the ‘All Black Everything’.

C & C: Any big plans on the horizon for Simply Fab? Are you branching out in any areas?

Shauntoni: I’m excited right now about all of the attention, love, and support that Simply Fabulous has been getting. From doing interviews for blogs and websites, to photoshoots, and fashion shows…Simply Fabulous is living the life of a model..lol. But we have also received a lot of love from men who are interested in more manly cases, so we hope to have that collection coming out really soon.

What do you think about the cases? Are you loving them? Shop more here. Below are our faves!

-Channing Hargrove

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