Watching Will Smith go from a fine a*s teenager to a fine a*s daddy of an almost grown son makes me feel old. Hearing him declare that he wants to come back to the music world? That just makes me nervous. “Summertime” is one of the best Hip-Hop records of all time; if there had been no Fresh Prince sitcom, no megastar movie career and no Smith behind the name ‘Jada Pinkett’, the Philly native would have secured his place in history. Alas, the Rap game seems to be addictive as drugs, cause Jazzy Jeff’s old running buddy is eager to get back in the booth. Jamilah wept.

In an interview with XXL Online, producer LaMar “Mars” Edwards claimed to be working on Smith’s comeback record, stating that Big Willie was literally calling him on the other line as he spoke to the writer. Okay. I’m sorry, but as much as I love Will Smith, this shouldn’t happen. There absolutely needs to be a lane for ‘grown up Hip-Hop’ without a bunch of cursing, violence and sexism. However, I’m just not confident that the Fresh King of Hollywood is capable of delivering that right now.

As evidence, I would like to present the following.

Exhibit A: “Big Willie Style”

Was this a popular record? Yes. But it was showing STRONG signs of corniness- not ‘corny cute’, but ‘corny uncle in the club’-all the way back in 1997…fourteen years ago. I doubt the past decade and a half have made Smith’s swag any sharper. Just saying.

Exhibit B: “Why Don’t You Stay”- Christopher “Kid” Reid

I cried real, actual tears when I saw this video (wait until 1:54, I promise its worth it).  HE HAS ON A KID AND PLAY SHIRT AND HE WAS IN KID AND PLAY! This is old man rap at it’s worst and I don’t want this to happen to Will. It’s not the worst song ever, but it should not have happened. I think you know what I mean. Can someone please Willow’s daddy from this?




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