I don’t know if this was supposed to be some hipster’s attempt at ironic humor, but it shol’ did FAIL. My friend-in-my-head Elita from Blacktating called my attention to this skirt for sale at ModCloth and it’s crazy name and description:

Son. “Tansy-nia”? “Volunteering feels good?” “Vibrant locals?” It sounds like little Miss Moffatt took her simple behind on too many Amnesty International trips and not to enough Black Studies classes. Someone please tell her (and ModCloth) that Africans are not puppies at the freaking ASPCA shelter and just because some of them require some assistance does not mean that they deserve to be exploited to sell her weak-ass three hundred dollar Brady Bunch skirt!




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  • df

    this is why it has become very hard to be close friends with white liberals and hipsters…it’s not until you live in a city full of them that your eyes are finally opened..,..at the core, they truly do see africa and it’s diaspora as victims and nothing else.

    • Jenn

      Well that’s a gross generalization.