Fall is here and that means television networks are gearing up to release a ton of new and fresh programming sure to stimulate our senses. One of our favorite shows on this year’s lineup is BET’s new series “Reed Between The Lines” which is set to premiere October 11th. The show follows doctors Alex and Carla Reed as they navigate their modern day blended family through everyday life. But that’s not why this show is at the top of our list. Here are three reasons why we can’t wait for the premiere of “Reed Between The Lines.”

Tracee Ellis Ross & Malcolm Jamal Warner
It’s been years since Tracee Ellis Ross graced our screens as the quirky yet lovable Joan Clayton on the hit series “Girlfriends”, and even longer since Malcolm Jamal Warner played Theo, the handsome only son of Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”. Since those days these two have been missed and we’ve been anxiously awaiting their return to television. Finally, with “Reed Between The Lines” these two stars have another chance to prove to they’ve still got what it takes and propel this new series to new heights.

It’s On BET
Yea we know that BET has a tendency to showcase the worst of Black America from time to time, but lately, when it comes to putting quality black programming on the air BET has stepped its game up big time. From the re-launch of the hit series “The Game” to “Let’s Stay Together” and “Family Crews”, BET has sought to stray away from the negative images of African Americans that other networks have made their bread and butter off of. Adding “Reed Between The Lines” to the line up will help to propel BET back to the forefront of African American programming and in a positive way.

It’s Bringing The Black Family Back
When you take a look at television today most of the brown faces you see belong to screaming baby mommas or criminals on the news. Today’s most popular programming has little to nothing to do with positivity or the uplifting of our culture and community and is mostly about intentionally (or unintentionally) promoting every negative stereotype ever made about African Americans. This fall “Reed Between The Lines” is not only bringing positivity back to our screens, but it’s bringing the black family back to our screens as well. “Reed Between The Lines” seeks to be today, what “The Cosby Show” was back in the 80s, but with a twist. With Tracee Ellis Ross playing an educated black woman with a career, not just a baby daddy in the NBA and Malcolm Jamal Warner playing an educated black man with skills outside of criminal enterprises and pro sports, we think “Reed Between The Lines” will show viewers that normal black families can exist, and not just in the White House.

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  • Setsunna

    @ Cree and Socially M: AGREED 100%. I, too am tired of this mis-representation! When I saw the previews, I immediately said to myself, “here goes another one!” I can’t help but to realize how similar all these shows are. And I am sick and tired of seeing dark skinned women as having no relationships, overweight, loud, attractive, etc.

    I sat through RBTL last night at my brother’s house and I think it was typical boring “black” tv. The jokes were delivered slow and the subjects have been seen in countless sitcoms already. I’m ready for something else. All shades of black are beautiful but I refuse to settle for this when they know there’s more to give. Give me a show with dark skinned women having the lead doing things that black people can relate to, living an average lifesstyles in realistic relationships with children that resemble black children, living in average homes or apartments instead of beachfront lofts, children that were cast from the disney channel, relationships that would rarely exist, and topics that wouldn’t last 2 seconds much less 30 minutes.

    I’m glad I don’t have cable.. sheesh.