In 1993, American Girl introduced Addy Walker, the first Black character in it’s collection of dolls based on historical narratives. She was a recently escaped slave. After months of begging and pleading, my parents presented me with the  then $95 doll for Kwanzaa.  I loved her dearly, even though her story made playing with her a lot less lighthearted than most of my traditional baby dolls. Until recently, Addy was the only Black character in the 15 doll series.

Good news for fellow doll nerds: Addy has finally been joined by Cecile Ray, a 10-year-old girl from an affluent New Orleans Creole family. Cecile’s story, which takes place in 1853, is the first one to be told with a co-star who features prominently in all the series’ books. Marie-Grace, Cecile’s White best  friend, has her own doll and stories as well.

I’m side eyeing the paring a little bit…why couldn’t Cecile been enough on her own? Oh well. At least she’s not Marie Grace’s maid.  You can check our the dolls here.


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