If we want to talk about anything, let's talk about the ciggs. We smoking now, Rihanna? Really?!

When photos and a video clip from Rihanna’s latest video, “We Found Love” surfaced today, many had a lot to say about the pop star–and the reviews weren’t so glowing.

As I peeped the comments on several blogs about the Bajan singer being kicked off a farmer’s land because of her body-bearing outfits during her video shoot, there was a constant theme: Rihanna is a whore!

It seems many loathe RihRih for constantly baring her body. While I can understand their opinion about the reason Rihanna wears revealing clothing (they feel she’s just selling sex to sell records), many of the comments about her body were just down right mean.

Several commenters complained the singer should cover up because of her “saggy breasts,” others took apart her thighs, and of course, many mentioned her “five head.” Several others simply took the easy route and hurled the standard “whore,” “prostitue,” and “skank” label at Rihanna, but why?

Why do so many feel the need to ALWAYS say something negative about others?

I’ve noticed when other people are confident about themselves–despite what some consider flaws (a “big” head, thicker tummy, an interesting-looking face, being comfortable being naked)–many folks have a problem with it and commence to tearing the person apart.

These criticism aren’t just leveled at Rihanna, of course. Anytime a celeb, the homie on Facebook, or a random person on Twitter is pictured, inevitably SOMEONE has something negative to say.

Peep the comments of any popular blog, and instead of commenting on the article, folks will needlessly pick apart what someone is wearing, why their hair is the way it is, or why their body isn’t absolutely perfect.

It seems like many of us expect perfection from everyone, at all times–except, of course–ourselves.

I find it comical that so many folks take pleasure going innnn on others when they are not perfect (or even close to it) themselves. I’m sure many of the ladies talking about Rihanna’s “saggy boobs,” don’t have breasts that stand at attention. And others who so quickly talked about Amber Rose’s fat thighs probably need to take a couple of laps around the block as well.

So, what’s really going on?

I’m curious, Clutchettes: Do we tear down others because we don’t want to look critically at what we need to work on, or…are we really just MEAN? 



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