Remember all that time you spent in high school in the girls bathroom touching up your makeup, talking trash, or wasting time in between classes? Well a school in Britain recently decided its female students were a little TOO fabulous and decided to axe the mirrors in an attempt to curb makeup usage.

The school, Shelley College, previously had a “discrete” makeup policy for its high school students, but after school officials found that many girls were going to class with fully made-up faces, they decided to ban makeup all together.

According to British rag, the Daily Mail, parents and most students support the measure.

Head teacher John McNally told the paper:

“We removed the mirrors because there were a number of girls who were going in to the toilets at lunchtime and hanging around in there and eating their sandwiches.”

‘The girls were attracted to the mirrors and when we removed them the problem stopped. Most  have accepted the policy as the vast majority did not wear make-up and those who wore a little have been happy to stop.

‘The fuss is being caused by about five or six girls, who are the ones who wear the most make-up.

“We have had a lot of support from parents. Of course some of the girls are trying to push the boundaries.”

Since taking down the mirrors, officials at Shelley College say their test scores have increased because its new policies reflect the seriousness of their academic atmosphere, but many students find the policy unnecessary.

Shelley College isn’t the only one swearing off mirrors. Recently, Kjerstin Gruys, a sociology grad student decided to give up mirrors for a year, hoping to spend less time obsessing over her looks and more on living life.

What do you think? Do you agree with Shelley College’s no-mirrors, no-makeup policy? Sound off! 


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