Now that summer is over, the rooftop soirees have come to an abrupt end – well almost! But its time to go through your contacts and reconcile who made the list when it comes to potential fall snuggles and cuddles. I have to say that my list is pretty robust this time around, thanks to my mini experiment and willingness to try something completely different from my normal realm of thinking. Ever since I can remember, it seemed the strategy for getting the attention of a potential mate was to sit, look pretty and demure, and wait for him to make his way to you and Make that Move. The hit song of the same title always got me going and so I trusted in that anthem. Until now. It looks like times are a changing and we lasses have to get off our asses and make that move first. I never thought I would be the girl to approach a guy and express interest. I thought girls who did that were desperate and lacked self-respect. But I was proven wrong this summer. I decided to see my venture into the unknown as an experiment so that I could cushion the blow of the potential rejections I would undoubtedly receive. Surprisingly enough, the only ones that politely declined going any further were married men which by the way is a testament to the fact that there are some faithful guys out there after all. Or maybe they just weren’t inspired enough to cheat. Kidding! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the way men responded to my directness and obvious pursuit. It was quite challenging in the beginning considering I was going against everything I had believed in accepted as the norm but before long I was kicking it! Having a ball and actually enjoying my newfound status of being a “baller”.

I got a lot of awesome dates out of it and the summer of 2011 turned out to be a very busy one, in a good way. I proved to myself that guys don’t look down on women who approach them, they are actually relieved and intrigued. I also learnt that I am a lot more sociable and amiable than I thought and those characteristics are a huge advantage when trying to land Mr. Right. I think its time for us to drop the veils and take charge of meeting and reeling in the man we deserve. I know I am on my way!

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