When The Roots titled their 1999 album Things Fall Apart, most folks accepted the nod to Chinue Achebe’s 1958 novel of the same title. However, when the author got word that a new Mario Van Peebles film starring rapper-turned-Duke kit model 50 Cent was using the same title, he shut ’em down quickly. Broadway Ghana reports that producers tried to pay Achebe $1 million to keep the name, but he declined:

“…the legal reps of Chinua Achebe’s foundation unconditionally informed the producers that; “the novel with the said title was initially produced in 1958 (that is 17 years before rapper 50 Cent was born), listed as the mostly read book in modern African literature, and won’t be sold for even 1 Billion Dollars.””

Swag. I don’t blame him. 50 Cent is the worst. I’d sue to stop him from naming his daughter “Jamilah”, or perhaps from even having a daughter at all.

The film will be opening under the name All Things Fall Apart (LOL) at the Urbanworld Film Festival, which will take place in New York from September 14-18, 2011. This is the film for which Fif lost 80 pounds, as he plays a college (LMFAO) football player who is stricken with cancer. If you go see it, let us know how it is. I’ll be late for that one.

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