In possibly the stupidest “beef” ever, Fabolous called into to DJ Clue’s Power 105.1 radio show to tell his side of the story.

In case you missed it, apparently Ray J took offense to some Twitter jokes Fab made about Ray’s impromptu concert in boxer Floyd Mayweather’s living room. It seems Ray took Fab’s jokes as an affront to his manhood and felt the need to lash out violently toward Fabolous.

According to various bystanders, Ray tried to swing on Fab, and Loso laid a smooth beat down on Ray. Of course, this didn’t sit well with Ray who took to the airwaves to flex his supposed gangster. Yesterday morning Ray J went on a seven-minute rant about how much money he had, and he had associates who would rape Fabulous on command.


Predictably, Fabulous told an entirely different story. During his interview with DJ Clue, Fab blamed Ray J’s rant on “that Whitney” (cocaine) and pills.

Fab said:

That wasn’t Ray J. That wasn’t Willie Norwood Jr. That wasn’t him. That wasn’t Brandy’s brother.

This is not no big thing to me. It is more so a war on drugs to Ray J than it is a war between Ray J and me. He’s high, coked up and on pills. His rant was hilarious to me. It was jokes to me.

Loso also claims that no blows were exchanged during their altercation and that he could have  mopped the floor with Ray J if he would have liked.

Personally, this whole kerfuffle is an exercise in egos gone awry. Both of these men need to squash whatever petty he said, he said beef they may have and move on. Quickly.

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