The family of James Craig Anderson, the 49 year old black man killed out of hate on June 26 in Jackson, Mississippi, has filed a lawsuit against a group of white teens linked to his murder.

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The Anderson family lawsuit targets the two teens already charged in the case as well as five others who have not yet been charged. The lawsuit accuses them of gross negligence since none of the teens attempted to stop Anderson’s attack, provide medical help or call authorities – in addition to the fact that they fled the scene of the crime. The victim’s family lawyer, Winston J. Thompson III, said the suit alleges that the uncharged teens, William Kirk Montgomery, Sarah Graves and Shelbie Richards served as “lookouts”, preventing Anderson from escaping.

The two individuals that have been charged are Deryl Dedmon Jr. for capital murder, and John Aaron Rice for simple assault.

Thompson is hopeful that more details regarding the criminal case will be uncovered throughout the process of the civil. “The whole world saw the brutal attack that James Anderson suffered at the hands of people who simply wanted to hurt someone of a different race,” Thompson said. “We cannot ignore such cold-hearted cruelty.”

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