In news that will cause a collective “Oh sh!t” across the country, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has announced a voluntary recall of multiple lots of birth control pills. Web MD reports that a packaging error reversed the weekly tablet distribution in an undisclosed number of pill packs, which would lead women to take their pills out of order and leaves them at risk for pregnancy.

The recalled birth control pills include two Clyclafem products and two Glidess products along with Emoquette, Orsythia, Previfem, and Tri-Previfem pills. The entire list of affected varieties can be found here. If you feel that your contraceptive may be one of the ones listed, speak with your doctor immediately and use a back-up contraceptive until you can get your pill situation back in order.



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  • Hello. I’m trying to spread the word about the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recall of 1.2 million packs of birth control. Many woman have gotten pregnant. There is a class action suite for the recall. If you or a loved one has been affected by this you may be eligible for compensation. Please spread the word. Go to the Qualitest recall lawyers website at
    Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Recall Lawyers

  • Jim

    Well, apparently now PhRMA controls the FDA.