Any fashion-minded person knows that as wonderful as New York City is, Paris is really the ultimate fashion capital. Fashion Week in the City of Light is the most difficult of all the fashion cities to attend and in order to do so, you have to have international clout. Kanye loves good old Paris and thus, he is taking his design talents there to debut his first fashion collection for Spring 2012. It was otherwise thought that he would show his collection in NYC, but sources say otherwise.

The Glamazons Blog reported on tweets from Wayne Sterling of The Imagist, stating that Kanye would indeed be showing his designs at Paris Fashion Week and I really do not blame him. If he wants his collection to be exclusive and true luxury, Paris is the place to be. He has international swag after all and showing there truly shows that he is trying to make his pieces available on an international scale.

I am already sure that super cool boutique Colette will be sure to pick up his designs. Guess he is truly taking inspiration from his and Jay-Z’s song on Watch the Throne dedicated to ridiculous moments in Paris. Let’s see if he’ll be inspired by Louis Vuitton and Margiela for his collection.

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