Hey Clutch fam! Happy Labor Day! Today is the day we celebrate “the economic and social contributions of workers”. I had to Google that, because honestly, I forgot. Like many of you all, I associated it primarily with the end of the summer break from school for many years. But today is a day about the American worker, which is most of us. So we get a day to chill, eat, drink and celebrate not working/getting off work early/being nonproductive at work because we’re mad we’re working on a holiday. Whoop whoop!

What are y’all doing to mark the occasion? Anyone grilling? And if so, are you grilling fish/veggie meat in Brooklyn? I’ll bring the wine! Are you chilling with fam or rolling with the homies? Let us know! And post up local events as well, so that Clutch folks sans plans may find something to do! Be safe, have fun and get the hell out of dodge if you see any arguements flairing up, as we all know how quick to violence people can be in the heat. Stay cool.

Oh, and here are my two recommendations for New Yorkers: the annual West Indian Day Parade  in Brooklyn and the Uptown Summer Classic in Harlem. Enjoy!

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