During an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan last night, Morgan Freeman shared his belief that the presidency of Barack Obama has led to the rise of racism in the US rather than its decline. The Oscar-winning actor called out the Republicans, namely their extremist subsidiary known as the Tea Party, for “stirring muddy waters” and playing the old hate card.

Speaking on the Republican controlled Tea Party, Freeman explained:

“Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.”’

When asked whether their ire for the fist Black president was just a result of bipartisan rivalry, the actor declared, “It is a racist thing.” Freeman continued, “[Republicans] are not going to get rid of Obama either. I think they’re shooting themselves in the head.”
The legendary actor confessed to being unnerved by the traction gained by the Tea Party saying,

“It just shows you the weak dark underside of America. We are supposed to be better than that, we really are.”

The film star also revealed his partial disappointment with Obama’s lack of aggression in negotiations with Republicans but claimed, “I sort of understood that he was trying to hold on to his own promise. That he was going to be the president of all the people.”

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  • Tom

    Morgan Freeman feels, as many Blacks feel , that when they make racist comments, it doesn’t matter, simply because they are Black. To say that Tea Party people are Racist, simply because they disagree with Obama is pure Racism,…..nothing else. ..Despite the facts that Obama is a Poor leader, and has brought this country into the fiscal “pits of depair”, morgan freeman feels that we shouldn’t criticize obama, because he is black. The irony here is that obama is also half-white, but no one dare make that statement, because you can’t use the “Race Card’, if you recognize his Whiteness. Freeman reminds us that everyone can be a Racist, and we should expose ALL of them, regardless of skin color.

    • Dorsey

      I’m in total agreement w/ Tom. Bush just took all the disapproval and kept on trucking. And he got some vicious attacks. This guy, as soon as he did something unpopular w/ the bulk of America, like spending a year and a half on Healthcare (Already deeply unpopular during the Hillarycare years), trying to push through Cap & Trade, spending like a teenage girl w/someone else’s credit card just decided to hide behind black people. Of note the same black people he ignored during his 1st 3 yrs.

      there’s alot of black people showing their RACISTS card not their black one and I think it’s damn insulting to black people and the Tea Party and the rest of America. I’ve liked the Tea Party from the jump. Now black people resemble those Bush people who ignored everything he was doing wrong and just unilaterally supported all his actions. That’s not my idea of political advancement. I will agree to one thing w/ Freeman, Obama and the CBC (disgusting people) through race relations back several notches with their big mouths and I plan to make them pay for hiding behind black people while doing nothing for them.

      End these social programs, they’ve been detrimental to the black family and enough of these damn money-absorbing Unions, particularly the Teachers. You know the same teachers that can’t seem to educate Black And Latino Boys but WILL drug their asses quick fast.

      Enough is enough.

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      Who let the KKK in here?

  • Dorsey

    -and let me correct something that came out slightly wrong.

    “There are more Black Tea Party members than black state reps & members of the Congressional Black Caucas combined.

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      This is the most stupid comparison ever. Of course there are more members of a party than elected officials of another party! Compare members (or proportional representation) in both parties or compare the percentage of black elected officials from both parties. Whether the tea party is racist or not, they are sure dumb.

  • Nadell

    I absolutely love him! He speaks his mind (and what I’m thinking as well but cannot put into words) in such an assertive, unequivocal way!

  • Memfuzz

    C’mon ya’ll! There’s still a lil more room on the white bashin bandwagon! Everything is somebody else’s fault.
    Black men in jail- cause of the man.
    Black kidz can’t read- you know white people make the tests so only white people can pass
    no african american fathers in the home- white corporations pay the kkk-led police to put weed in their pockets so they go to jail-


    Tea party not for lower taxes- it for just white people

    just look down at the featured articles- p38- Since we HAVE To Ask…Where Da Good Men At? they in jail (see ablove)
    p71- Act Like You Don’t Give a Sh*t- Hell, who’s acting?

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