There’s this scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when Kate Winslet’s character gets Jim Carry’s character to come with her to a midnight picnic on a frozen lake. As the two walk across the ice, Carry is reluctant, pointing out that at any time the ice could crack. Besides the other brilliant parts of that film, I love that scene the most because of how relatable it is.

Relatable is hard to pull off in the middle of a fantasy based film. Living in a world where you could systematically remove a person from your memory is a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it. But most of us will never live in that world and for the most part will be grateful except for those painful moments where memories hurt the most.

That said, it’s like Angie Stone once said- memories don’t live like people do. And for the most part many of us live our lives caged in by fear. We don’t aim as high as we could because we’re afraid we’ll go outside our lines. We do this not realizing those lines aren’t boundaries, they’re watermarks. Like the growth wall that parents keep to mark how tall their child has become, life gives us marks to see how high we can rise.

Being afraid of heights often stems from the same ice cracking fear- the fear of what if? But what if we reversed our what ifs to be possibilities? Would this world be so scary then?

Today, reverse your what ifs and overcome your moments of fear. Those little cracks can be frightening or openings of promise. Don’t lower your vision, change your perspective instead.

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  • Funny enough two separate incidents happened to me today. The 1st one was me stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching out in a way that I would never in a million years have dreamed of doing. It’s too early to say if anything positive will come out of it. But I’m so encouraged that I was able to step out of my comfort zone and speak up.

    The 2nd incident was yet another conversation where I shared with an acquaintance all the excuses I had made up in my mind for not fulfilling a personal goal of mine.

    What I learned today was when you take one little step forward, you get more courage to step out on ice and I’m starting to realize this growing up business isn’t half as bad :)

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  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I love the stock photo lady’s haircut. I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while.

  • UHhh Beenie Man said that quote…… not Angie Stone