Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month HBO released a quirky new romantic comedy about one teen’s courage to finally speak to his crush. Sounds typical, right? Wrong. In this case, the object of Michael’s (the main character) affection is Brandon, his handsome classmate.

Crush is a short film by writer and director Dominic Colon. In it Colon explores issues of homophobia, love, and equality with humor. Set in the South Bronx, the film follows Michael on prom night as he “decides whether or not to man up and “kick it” to his high school Crush or “punk out” and let him walk into the sunset.”

Rarely do we see gay men of color depicted in this way, and the film is a reminder that no matter whom you love, having a crush is a universal feeling.

Check out the trailer below and go to HBO.com to find out when you can see ‘Crush.’


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