Nicki Minaj has been tagging along with fashion icon and Vogue head honcho Anna Wintour all week long. And the  blogs (and tweets) have been watching. Ever since she showed up in at the Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2012 fashion show dressed like a “cartoon candy cane” in an oversized pink hair bow, pink pretzel necklace, two-toned purple bikini top, lace tutu, and hand-painted tights, people have been talking. Some in the fashion world have tweeted their disdain for her outfits, while others mistook her for Lady Gaga (ouch). 

Either way, Nicki’s outfits have added some much needed color to the runways, which have traditionally been devoid of models of color.

Check out Nicki’s feline-inspired look at Oscar De La Renta’s Spring 2012 show. What say you, Fab or Drab?


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  • Lola289

    Thats cool for clubbin or VMAs but fashion week? She needs to be more creative and step up her game… Seriously, she looks foolish. :-(

  • This outfit takes her swag down a few notches. Not a fan of this look.

  • Karen

    In a word…stank!!!!

  • Mosaicmuse

    Fashion is fashion but what is up with the face (r.on the bottom)? Yeah, I know, to get me talking. smh it worked

  • li’ sister

    On Gawker site Anna Wintour was overheard through the gossip grapevine to say
    “She never seen someone work so hard to look so bad.”
    I really don’t get why she needs to dress crazy like that does she have any
    confidence in her own talent to get all the attention she needs. While Lady Gaga
    right or wrong gets a pass as she just being a artist, however black female artists people say “What is wrong with her” or ” is she on medication”? :-)