Today marked the start of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson. The state of California has accused Murray of providing the singer with unwarrarented amounts of a surgical anesthetic to be used as a sleep aid, which caused his passing. The plastic surgeon faces four years in prison and the revokation of his medical license.

According to ABC News, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren presented the court with a picture of MJ dancing and looking healthy on June 24, 2009. He then showed an image of Jackson lying dead on a gurney, stating that Murray “repeatedly acted with gross negligence… his unskilled acts led to Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009”. As with most homocide trials, members of Michael’s family- parents Joe and Katherine, plus siblings Janet, Tito, Latoya, Reebie, Randy and Jermaine- were present and likely subjected to the haunting photograph, which has made its rounds on the net (avoid it if you can…trust me).

Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff refuted the prosecution’s claims by arguing that Jackson gave himself the dose of drugs that killed him so rapidly “he didn’t have time to close his eyes”. The doctor wept has his defense attorney talked about his work saving the lives of clients who could not afford to pay for his services. Chernoff also stated that Murray had been working to wean MJ off his propofol dependency in his final days and that he was unaware that he also had an addiction to demerol, which had been provided to him by dermatologist Arnold Klein. Demerol makes it impossible to sleep “not for minutes, not for hours. For days,” according to the defense.

“Michael Jackson told Doctor Murray that his insomnia was the result of his mind always racing…it was the genius of him…and perhaps that’s partly true…but it was also the demerol,” Chernoff said. The prosecution also provided a troubling recording of Jackson describing his comeback plans, which was obtained from Murray’s cell phone and had been recorded about a month prior to the icon’s untimely passing.







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  • Tracie

    Was it really neccessary to show his dead body and allow the media to circulate it…whatever happened to sensoring things and being considerate of his family. For heavens sake his children will probably see that awful image of him. I thiink that is going to far. Have some respect.

    • secret ninja

      his children were at the home when it happened and were at the hospital as were most of his family, so they’ve already seen his dead body, unfortunately. anything that happens with this trial is going to be circulated because it is going to be televised, so i’m sure we will be seeing and hearing a lot more shocking things. i hate that the defense is trying to put Michael on trial, i doubt he accidentally killed himself, and i’m hoping the prosecution undeniable refutes with proof any claim the defense is trying to claw at.

      Justice for MJ.

  • Malcolm X

    I`m not following this, charade of a, trial, I`m only choosing to comment here. We shouldn`t be surprised at the showing of the photo. Just like in life, the RACIST white media will circulate the photo, in an attempt, to further crucify Mike. Surely, we don`t expect there to be, true, justice in this case from the, same, system, that abused their judicial authority, in, trying to, unjustly, prosecute Mike when he was among us. Remember, this is the, same, system that stalked him for nearly 17 yrs, with FBI investigations, as they embarked on their sadistic witch hunt. Furhermore, Dr. Murray is, only, a pawn in a, much more, larger scale. Mikes` death was, nothing more than, murder, by different factions, for several reasons that most don`t consider or crystallize; the common denominator is money as well as the fact that Mike had began to become very political as he demonstrated with very subliminal messages, and some not subliminal, in his lyrics and vids.

    During the ‘Bad’ era, of the late 80s, with songs, from the ‘Bad’ album, like ‘Bad,’ ‘Dirty Diana,’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’, he sings with subliminal messages, as he started, on his quest of non-conformity in the music business…especially ‘Dirty Diana.’ If you really listen to the lyrics of the song he tell the story of how the powers that be in the music industry recruit artists and promise them fortune and fame as long as they adhere to the basis rules of authority. Well, in the song he basically says he refuses to go along, with the program, and that he, will, no longer be seduced and control by the powers that be. Let us not forget, also, when he purchased that lucrative publishing in ’85 that contained music from The Beatles, Elvis Presely, etc. Mike was a shrewd businessman as he, studied and, learned the business side when he was a child prodigy. He realized that artists are cheated out of their money with their contracts so he made a brilliant move in purchasing said publishing where he would see REAL money by way of large royalty checks. Sure, he was still going to be taxed but he was eliminating much overhead with the record company, studio time, writers, producers, engineers, etc. Uncle Sam was the only benefactor… besides himself.

    Remember, music publishing is very lucrative. I once read that his catalog earned somewhere between 45-70 mil. annually. So, even if we take the low end, and hypothetically assume that Uncle Same took half, he would still be able to pocket 22.5 mil…liquid money. Now, I submit that NO artist pocket that kind of money ever on just a recording contract alone. So, when we see so and so earned 50-100 mil in GROSS money we have to take into account Uncle Sam, the record companies, studio time, those who helped wth their albums, their personal managers/handlers/stylists, etc, you get the general idea. Mike was becoming to powerful and independent along with his consciousness as he rebelled against the system. And, furthermore, besides his publishing, he had been engaged, in a long feud with the record company, to obtain the masters to his music. A lot of times we have to look beneath to get an absolute picture because on many occassions the surface only masks the true intentions. They wanted to take his publishing in their attempt to destroy him but he refused to sell it.

    Therefore, they embarked on a legal course,to keep him in his court, to run up his legal fees in an attempt, to force his hand and to also break him mentally. So, when we start talking about the death and crucifixtion of one Michael Joseph Jackson there are many players…including the RACIST white media…Dr. Murray is only a pawn. In the final analysis, his death will mirror that of his life…NO JUSTICE.

    I proudly say that I`ve been a fan of Mikes` for more than 3 decades. His album ‘Off The Wall’ was the first album I ever purchased. I am fortunate to have been born at the right time in history. I witnessed the greatest SHOWMAN/PERFORMER ever in his early prime and at the apex of his great musical journey…for that I give thanks to my mother for giving me the most precious gift of all…life. MJ was a once in a lifetime artist as he was much more than just a musical artist. There was an aura about him that, just like his amazing gift of performing, touched the very depth of your soul. Although no longer with us, physically, he still lives because the essence, of the child prodigy from Gary Indiana, who left us like a comet, can never be extinguished. And to him I pour out some liquid from a bottle and say, “thank you MASTER SHOWMAN.


    • secret ninja

      WOW. well stated, thanks for sharing.

  • You can be charged with involuntary manslaughter?? I thought he was being charged with just manslaughter?? So they’re trying to prove it was an accident?? So what if it was an accident. Then they’d just shrug their shoulders and say, “Oops. Oh well though.”