If this news doesn’t squash talk of a post-racial society, I’m not sure what will. A new gaming website has recently popped up promoting slavery as an entertaining game and gaining nation-wide attention in the process.

From the mind of gaming developers, Javelin Reds Gaming, the slavery game encourages people to go back to the 17th century when Europe “ruled the world” to buy slaves, discipline them, exploit them and control them with ruthless weapons including a rifle, a whip, a sable, a spiked bat and so on.

Though it remains to be seen whether this is a real game or a publicity stunt (since the contact information on the site leads to a dead end), the fact that a slavery game could be promoted—even as a joke—is a problem.

There isn’t anything amusing about creating a “fake” or real game that makes light of one of the most tragic periods in American history.

What do you think of ‘Slavery The Game’? Should the creators be reprimanded, even if the game is ‘fake’?

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