They’re both known for short fuses and being some of the best at their game, so to hear Mike Tyson and Spike Lee were pairing up we could already picture the sparks.

The filmmaker and the heavy former heavyweight champion are teaming up on a new project for HBO. Though it is only in the early stages, the series will be loosely based on Tyson’s early career and adjusting to life in the ring. The series, titled Da Brick, will be set in “Brick City” itself, Newark, N.J.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Much as Entourage was inspired by producer Mark Wahlberg’s life, Da Brick will reflect aspects of Tyson’s upbringing. It marks the latest in a string of Hollywood projects for Tyson, who has turned up in the Hangover franchise as well as Animal Planet’s Taking on Tyson. Last season, he added a cameo on Entourage to his resume.


So far, the casting for the project seems promising with Attack the Block’s John Boyega, NCIS’ Milauna Jemai, The Wire’s Julito McCullumand and Gossip Girl’s Kamahl Naiqui Palmer. Boyega will play the lead character, Donnie, who, after turning 18 and being released from juvenile detention starts out on a journey to find out the kind of man he wants to be.

The project has tons of potential and we can’t wait to se the genius that comes when Spike and Mike get to work.

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