If there’s one public figure willing to put President Barack Obama’s cryptic & controversial message to the Congressional Black Caucus on blast, it has to be Tavis Smiley. During his self titled PBS show on Monday, he could hardly contain his anger towards Obama’s ‘quit cryin’ and get it together’ address during last weekend’s CBC awards event as he asked Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D/TX) to share her perception on the matter:

“Would the president ever say to an audience of our Jewish brothers and sisters concerned about the plight in the Middle East, ‘stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying?’ Would this president ever say to Wall Street, publicly, ‘stop grumbling stop complaining stop crying?’ Would he ever say to our Hispanic brothers and sisters on immigration and their concerns ‘stop grumbling stop crying stop complaining?’ Did he say to gays and lesbians, ‘stop grumbling, stop crying stop complaining?’ How does he get away with saying this to black folk when he would never form his lips to ever say that to any other constituency?”

The Texas Congresswoman agreed with Smiley’s final statement, adding:

“There were those who cheered when Jesus was crucified, and we have found that despicable from the beginning of history to this time.” I think familiarity is the answer to your question. The president came and put on the armor of brother and sister.”

Jackson Lee was uncertain as to whether Obama’s remarks were said with love as a motivational technique but hopes that his sentiments extend beyond his African American constituency. “Are we going to tell the Republicans to stop being obstructionists? Are we going to tell the Tea Party people to stop being tea party people instead of patriots and Americans?”

No word on whether Jackson Lee was experiencing a senior moment when making the biblical reference in regards to President Obama. Check the video for the segment in question.

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  • The President walked right into this, guys like Tavis were waiting for a slip up like this, and it justifies their feeling towards the President when it comes to his lack of attention to black Americans.

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  • Lisa

    I would encourage everyone to 1) take a civics class to understand how govt functions. The US is not an authoritarian regime and the POTUS cant do anything without the support of Congress; 2) research the list of accomplishments within the first 2 yrs of his administration (more than most do in 8yrs); 3) direct your energy toward your Congressional representation (Democrats & Rep.) who do not support issues that you care about. Healthcare reform took so long because Dems couldnt get it together remember… 4) Stop listening to media soundbites and READ…anyone who has to go to a job everyday should be pressuring Congress to pass legislation in your best economic interest as much as the Tea Party does for their issues. Don’t listen to polls (like so many Blk folks did before they would vote for him in the first place) and the media to cloud what’s in your best interest ; 5) recognize that Tavis S. has hated on Obama ever since he declined his invitation to attend his “event” during the 2008 campaign; 6) if you sit out this next election, be satisfied with what you get (I’m sure the other candidates will look out for you).

    • Whatever

      The ONLY difference between Obama and any other BS president is that he’s black. That simple. Same ish, new stall. Everyone is so blinded by their faith and loyalty to him like he’s God or something that they fail to realize he is carrying out what Bush started. Wake the F up!

  • Pink

    Whatever: I can only speak for myself. I don’t look at President Obama as a god because for one thing I don’t subscribe to the god, religous, doctrine on any level. I think the whole, god, jesus, religous crap is a bunch of shigady. As for Obama I think he trully cares about the country. My question to you is did people think Clinton, Bush, or Reagan( for that matter) was a god when they voted for them?

  • Pink

    Tavis is a fraud/fake/hypocrite: And I’ll tell you why. I don’t watch Tavis’s show any more; but I can tell you from experience in watching his shows in the past….Tavis always ends his shows with “Keep the Faith.” So Tavis what faith are you referring to keeping? It definitely isn’t referring to keeping the faith in our leader. Tavis I no longer like you primarily bc ur a hypocrite. And the pic that is attached to this blog definitely shows your disdain for the president. Is that the way for someone to be that’s always talking some religious crap and talking about keeping the faith?