After just one season on VH1’s new scripted show Single Ladies, Stacey Dash is calling it quits.

Citing wanting to spend more time with her children, Dash says she enjoyed her time on the show, but filming in Atlanta while she lived in L.A. was just too much of a commute. While I’ll take Dash’s word for it, I can’t help but suspect that something other than familial committments caused her to exit stage left.

Single Ladies got off to a rough start. A rumored beef between Dash and costar LisaRaye McCoy leaked before the show even hit the air, and despite the hype and anticipation, audiences complained about the quality of the show.

With Dash’s exit, it is unsure what will happen to the show (it was picked up for a second season). But let’s be real. The downfall of Single Ladies can be blamed on one thing: The acting.

Although many of the actors in the show are industry vets, the level of acting exhibited on Single Ladies was just…bad. Sure, the storyline was juicy enough, the locale was glamorous, and the wardrobe was on point, but the acting? Lawd, it was worse than low budget gospel play.

Even though I like her personally, LisaRaye’s acting hasn’t improved much since Players Club. On the show her voice was often flat and lacking any sort of believable emotion, and her face couldn’t convince me of anything except she was bored. And Dash, although she’s been around the block many times before, she continues to play the same sorts of roles—beautiful, classy, and a little bit aloof. Like McCoy, Dash’s acting chops are still stuck in the past—somewhere between Mo’ Money and Clueless—and were unable to pull off the emotional variance that the show needed.

Although it is unclear what will happen to the show now that one of its stars has called it quits, I think this is the perfect opportunity for its producers to find actresses who will do the roles justice. I’d hate to see VH1 ditch the show—or worse—scrap the idea of a scripted show featuring Black women all together simply this one didn’t work out. Let’s hope that Single Ladies can either come back stronger than ever or VH1 can find a better show to take its place.

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