As President Obama seeks to push his American Jobs Act and plan to reduce the deficit, a key advocate in favor of higher taxes for the rich has been Warren Buffet. Last month, in a New York Times’ op-ed, the famer Berkshire Investments billionaire voiced his concern with the tax code arguing it was wrong that his secretary paid a higher percentage of taxes that he did.

The argument, compelling as it is, helped the Obama administration at a time when Republicans have insisted on no new taxes. But Buffet’s point has raised an interesting question: just who is Warren Buffet’s secretary.

The Atlantic reports:

Not surprisingly, the billionaire Obama-backer has more than one executive assistant, individuals who are not secretaries per se in duties any more than in titles. Indeed, they help with media and other calls and are sometimes quoted in the press as company spokesmen. Asked point blank if she were Buffett’s secretary, she said, “I am not.”

Debra Ray, who passed me on to Kizer, took more ownership of the new secretarial role she’s been cast in. “I am one of them, yes,” she said, though her actual title is also executive assistant, not secretary. You’re famous, I told her. She laughed. “Oh, Mr. Buffett is the famous one.”


Though tracking down Warren Buffet’s secretary is easier said than done, the folks at MoveOn.org have used the icon to capitalize on their campaign to support President Obama’s proposed Millionaire Tax. In the video below, several Americans declare “I am Warren Buffet’s secretary.” Check it out and tell us what you think!


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