One of my homegirls called me last week for some advice and I just can’t rightly say that I can help her. After years of curiosity about inviting a woman into the equation for a night of fun with she and her beau, she’s finally ready to take that bold step.

BTW: I’m not using the French term or even the English one, because I know a lot of you are reading this at work and I’m not trying to take responsibility for anyone being on the unemployment line…thank me later and be similarly discreet with your language in the comments!

I can’t offer any personal anecdotes on the matter because I haven’t gone there before, but I’m inclined to say that if she and her man have built up the adequate amount of trust in each other and have set the appropriate boundaries to ensure their needs AND if they pick someone with whom they are both comfortable…it can be a fun activity for a loving, healthy couple. I know other women who’ve invited another lady into their bed and none of them have ever had any problems. But I also saw the movie Trois and it ended horribly. Kenya Moore ended up in a wheelchair looking hella sad. But if I recall, she didn’t want to have the encounter in the first place. So maybe so long as all parties really want to do it, no one will end up hurt. Right? Hmm…

What say you, Clutch fam? Would you? Could you? HAVE you?

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