Well, word on the tweets is that singer-turned-actor Tyrese was kicked out of a Delaware radio station for talking about liquor stores in the community.

According to Necole Bitchie, Tyrese–who’s been on a mean self-help kick lately since the publication of his book–was being interviewed by Delaware’s Kiss 101.7. During the sit-down a discussion about improving “the hood” ensued and the singer brought up a nearby liquor store that he spotted across from an elementary school. Apparently, that rubbed Tyrese the wrong way.

The L.A. native told Kiss 101.7’s DJ:

Get them cats out of here … selling alcohol right across from your kids school, homie — put the pressure on them homie … you know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood.

Listen: Tyrese: ‘Get them out the hood’

While Tyrese was on his “take back the community” kick, the program director didn’t appreciate his rhetoric. According to the singer (and TMZ), he was asked to leave. Like many people who are upset, Tyrese took it to the tweets.

I just kicked out of a radio station frm a PD who had a problem w/ me speaking on liquor stores that are by elementary schools in Delaware. In 17 years I hv NEVER been kicked out of a radio station.. Because I have a problem w/ liquor stores being across from elementary schools?

I was also told that the PD made them ERASE my interview so that NO ONE could HEAR me SPEAK on the issue of the liquor stores near kids.

Love is love y’all .. When you stand for something.. You will create a shift in the universe.. Salute to all of you for your support!

If you don’t STAND for something.. You will damn near fall for Anything..

The radio station has a slightly different take on things. Although they admit to asking the singer to leave, they said they did so because he “disrespected” the community.

While I appreciate Tyrese’s decision to “stand for something,” I wish it had of been for something else. Call me crazy, but liquor stores–which often supply much more than liquor–should be the LEAST of our worries. Access to quality education, food deserts, violent crime, and Black fatherlessness are just a few issues Tyrese could have tackled, but instead he decided to take on liquor stores. How interesting.

What do you think…should liquor stores be close to elementary schools or is Tyrese overreacting? 

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  • Not only is Tyrese right but now the radio station manager has had the audacity to say that the station will never play another Tyrese song until Tyrese APOLOGIZES. Are you serious??? Tyrese should apologize? The station manager went on to say that Tyrese disrespected the community of Delaware by referring to them as “homies”. When did the word “homies” become offensive and furthermore, he referred to the DJ as homie not the whole state of Delaware. The truth is, the radio station makes money off advertising liquor stores so they do not want Tyrese speaking the truth and costing them money.

    What really saddens me is that we will stand by and do nothing. We have taken on this mentality that if it does not affect us individually then it is somehow not our problem. Well make no mistake about it, when you stand by and watch the malicious destruction of another Black person, you only ensure your own demise. Because when it your turn to be unjustly persecuted, their will be no one to speak up for you.

    We have GOT to do better my people and taking the stance that the Black community has bigger issues than liquor stores across the streets from elementary schools is the wrong attitude to have.

  • SisterAyiti

    Womp. Still waiting on female black celebs to be just as fearless and yet….