From Frugivore — In the United States, certain body types are classified as “acceptable” over others. Frankly put, anyone struggling with obesity is seen as sick, weak, and abnormal compared to those that are considered “fit.” As fat bodies have been present for centuries, it does seem that obesity has taken on more negative synonyms as time has progressed.

So what do you see when you witness someone who is obese? Do you see someone struggling with a disease? Do you perceive them as weak for failing to get their weight “under control”? Or do you see them like anyone else, just another ordinary human being who happens to have some extra love handles?

Personally, I’ve held mixed emotions toward those battling obesity. One, I know that food addiction is real, and something that countless people struggle with in this country. It’s not easy for anyone, obese or not, to change their diet, particularly when their bodies have become adjusted to consuming unhealthy food.

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