While I don’t spend my time indulging in the whole relaxed vs. natural debate, there are moments when I question why many of our sisters continue to abuse their scalps for the sake of vanity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think relaxers are evil, but I do know–personally–what a bad one can do to your hair.

Exhibit A: This video of a young woman burning the hell out of her scalp while her mom applies a perm.

I felt for this young woman. Listening to her scream for the water reminded me of that scene in Spike’s Malcolm X, when Brotha Malcolm sticks his head in the toilet bowl just to escape the burn of his conk. And I can totally sympathize. For years I’d grin and bear it as my scalp was on FIRE simply because I wanted my hair to lay down just so. So, I get it. She wants to look good…but damn, at what cost?

While this isn’t a plea for sistas to give up the creamy crack, I do implore you, Clutchettes, to leave your hair in the hands of a professional if you want your kinks, curls, and waves straightened out. Because being hunched over a sink full of dirty dishes, screaming for your momma to rinse out the relaxer while your brother giggles and videotapes your pain is SO not a good look. Just saying.

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