Nearing 2 months in progress, the Occupy Wall Street protest, which started out in Manhattan’s Liberty Plaza, is turning into a full-fledged movement extracting a wide range of the “99%” out of their homes and offices and onto the streets. In cities across the country, Americans are taking a stance against corporate corruption, however, not everyone who feels the spirit of the movement is able make it to front lines. Some of us have jobs, children, and about a million reasons we can’t pack up our duffel bag and take up the fight. And let’s be real, camping out in a cold, rat-infested park for days at a time isn’t for everyone. This is why the following suggestions from The Nation & Yes Magazine are right on point. Check the following ways a non-occupant can keep the movement moving forward:


1. Send non-perishable food, books, magazines, coffee, tea bags, aspirin, blankets, etc. to your local Occupy settlers. For the largest encampment in Manhattan, send goods to: UPS Store, c/o Occupy Wall Street, 118A Fulton St, #205, NY, NY 10038.

2. Have pizza delivered to the protestors (or take them there yourself). Again, for the NYC resistance at Liberty Plaza, call Majestic Pizza Corp at 212-349-4046.

3. Donate to Occupy Wall Street through its website.

4. Document your experience of the occupation. Even if you ride by the event, or chronicle your own feelings of the movement, Sarah van Gelder of Yes Magazine urges you to share them with the media. “Highlight the human dimension of the protests. It is harder for critics to disparage a movement when people see the faces of those involved.”

 5. Get informed on the events preceding and surrounding Occupy Wall Street and be a resource for those around you. Some people just need more information to really appreciate what the protestors are fighting for.

6. Defend Occupy Oakland. With the raid that left former Marine and Iraq war vet Scott Olsen brain damaged and still unable to communicate clearly, it’s pretty clear that the Oakland police could use a measure of restraint in handling the peaceful protest. Call Oakland Mayor Jean Quan immediately at 510-238-3141 to demand fair and humane treatment of the Occupy demonstrators.

7. Read Nathan Schneider’s Occupy Wall Street FAQ and share with your friends, family, etc.

8. Spread the word of Occupy College’s national series of Teach-ins on November 2nd and 3rd. More than 100 schools have signed on to date.

9. Attend or organize a regional event.

10. Like and share this Facebook page.


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  • Kaydee-P

    If I may add an alternative, check out your local Occupy the Hood if there is one (and if you are so inclined, start one if it doesn’t exist yet). I’ve said it plenty of times here and in person, OWS doesn’t have the right framework to support the real numbers of people of color needed to advance this movement. Of course, you can support the issues that OWS sprung out of, but physically and intimately participating is often not an easy feat when you feel uncomfortable off the bat. Many Occupy the Hood groups work in solidarity with the issues of OWS, but is focused on the struggling minority neighborhoods that have always suffered, as opposed to recently becoming disenfranchised…so not only will you hear about repealing the Glass-Steagall Act, but you’ll hear about tackling police brutality, ending the drug war…issues that often hit close to home.

    At the very least, it’s a great jumpoff point if you really feel you need to be at OWS but aren’t comfortable as of now.

  • African Mami

    Initially I was an Occupy Wall Street skeptic, but thanks to B and her school of thought I was freed of skepticism. I want to publicly thank all those that have been involved in the fight with the corporations for your tireless efforts. BANK OF AMERICA has caved in under pressure, and they will no longer be instituting the $5 debit fee. They cited their change of heart to having listened to customers, but I KNOW that weren’t if for the pressuring voices of the OWS protestors these bank would have raked millions from that!!! AGAIN THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


    • B

      Well, I’m glad I converted one person! :) (Although I’m glad for some of the opposing comments on this site too, because it helped me understand black folks’ hesitancy to join – we always receive the most brutal treatment from the cops so many abhor the idea of walking right into such a situation where we’ll be at the mercy of the police.)

      And it’s great news that Bank of America caved, all due to: the pressure of the OWS people, as well as the folks who signed the change.org petition, and the number of folks who immediately closed their Bank of America accounts. We all have so much more power than we realize – but we have that power most effectively when we stand together despite (and even in spite of) our differences and histories. I’m loving the spirit of the moment we’re living in. I will definitely be printing and handing out flyers for the OWS protests in my local area.

  • iQgraphics

    Oh, they will find another way to rape you of your dollar. Those clever, clever “Banksters”

    • African Mami

      @ iQgraphics,

      Why are you Kanyerrrizing my moment. Just let me finish being happy yo!

    • B

      lol @African Mami.

      And @iQgraphics: you are right, and that is why we all must never forget that the fight against race-class-gender (name your identity category) oppression never ends. Sadly, it is ongoing fight, and the victories are fleeting. We must never become complacent. Yes, the greedy banksters will find another way to screw us, and then we will fight that, and so on and so on, until we wear them out. :)