Once again, many of us have been reminded how Twitter can bring out the best in some people and the absloute worse in others. Yesterday evening, a video was posted to the popular social media network which is said to depict an obviously underaged girl performing oral sex on a classmate. She doesn’t know she’s being taped and there is a second boy who can be seen laughing in the distance. For obvious reasons, we will NOT publish the name of the young lady, who is said to be 14, nor a link to the video. The girl’s name became a Twitter trending topic, as people of all ages make jokes about her and called her every awful name under the sun. She allegedly then created a Twitter page to defend herself, while also capitalizing off her new-found “fame” (the account now has over 16k followers) by attempting to chat up celebrities such as Bow Wow and Evelyn Lozada- a very 14-year-old thing to do.

While I wish I could expect more from our teens, its not surprising that many of them behaved in an absolutely disgusting manner when confronted with the tape. But what was even more disheartening was the number of full-grown men AND women who mocked the girl via the hashtag bearing her name and by using her actual account handle in Tweets. This is one of the most public, brutal examples of cyber bullying I have ever witnessed. While Twitter did listen to the urgings of people such as ?uestlove and blocked the girl’s name from trending, it was not enough to stop the attacks and the jokes, which are still going on as we speak.  Musician and miscreant Tyler the Creator jumped in on the trend, joking that his song “B*tch Suck Dick” is dedicated to her and that she should “step her game up, b*tches be getting pregnant at 12”.

The young woman has Tweeted about feeling suicidal, having to delete her Facebook page, and stay home from school. She also stated, “Look who my role models are? @kimkardashian @nickiminaj @lilkim and trina i dont have anyone else to look up to.” She continued, “Everyone thinks my mother & father is around you have no idea my life and no write [sic] to judge me” and “I never bragged or boasted about the video that was illegal put on the internet so why am I a hoe?”

Interesting note: many people Tweeted that they worried about having daughters because of this situation, but what about the three boys who were involved? Where is the judgement over how they were raised and what a ‘disappointment’ they might be? I find it far more disgusting that these boys wittingly set this girl up than I do the fact that she made the regrettable choice to engage in a sex act . But, of course, she is being treated as the ‘real’ culprit. Sad, sad world that we live in.

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