Traveling the world can open a person up to experiences they never imagined. It can also burn a hole in your pocket too deep for you to get out of. While some people are fortunate enough to fly first class and stay at pricey hotels and luxury resorts, some of us have to travel on a budget and get the biggest bang out of our little bucks. Finding travel deals on a budget isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible, here are three sites that can help make your travel dreams a cheaper reality.

Friendly Planet prides itself on providing its customers with quality, cost effective travel to exotic destinations all over the world. For as little as $1200 per person you can hit up places like Costa Rica, Barcelona and even Thailand. Thinking $1200 is too much? What if I told you that the $1200 included your airfare, hotel and even a few meals! I know,I know, sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. I personally used them to travel to Greece last year for 10 days for only $1300 and other than a few minor bumps like having to wait what seemed like forever for other guests to land at the airport and a ditzy coordinator, my friends and I all had an amazing time!

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