Rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) appeared on the, “Today” show Tuesday to talk about his first novel, Playground, that will hit stores on Nov. 1. The book is about bullying and 50 admits that he was a bully when he was younger, but now he realizes the error of his ways. The G-Unit rapper brought out his 15-year-old son, Marquis, and said that once he was born he knew he had to change his ways. It’s funny that he wrote a book about bullying since he is known as one of the biggest bullies in rap (anyone remember his “officer Ricky” jokes smh).

Check out the interview below as he talks about turning a new leaf and wanting to do his part to prevent bullying.

Hypocrite or new man? What do you think?

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  • lostluv224

    i refuse to click that video….all because of those braids…THE HELL IS HE ON ??

  • no you guys have it all wrong. they’re called STRUGGLE BRAIDS. lord, are we in 2001?

  • African Mami

    I just cant…….TREE BRAIDS ya’ll?!

    He is a HYPOCRITE. He continues his bullying tactics online…so his sincerity his questionable. But I just can’t get over those damn braids! Dude grow up.