I must admit, my vital signs may have spiked a bit as I laid my eyes upon Urban Daily’s post that asks what makes Black British Actors as so dang (delectable) popular. Idris Elba (uh, duh), Colin Salmon, Adrian Lester, Chiwetel Ejiofor, newcomer John Boyega – these are just a handful of Black actors from the other side of the pond whose immense talent and rare debonair have folks in the US, and beyond, taking notice.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the Multi-lingual, London-born actor best known for his tour-de-force portrayal of Adebisi in HBO’s groundbreaking series, Oz, shares his two cents on Black British Thespian appeal. While promoting his latest film, The Thing – a prequel to the sci-fi classic by the same name – Adewale also expresses his desire to bring another character to life from the Marvel universe, “The Black Panther.”


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  • Timcapmi

    I loved Adebisi in Oz. Seriously, he was a G, Dean Winters was slightly better though… moving on! I’d be so happy if he played The Black Panther! This combines my love for Marvel and Naija boys. Represent Yoruba people~! (Oh yeah and those Igbos too lol)

  • rosewater

    It does not matter what Adewale is in, everytime I see his face, I yell out ADE-BI-SI the way it was pronounced on the show (even though i’m 100% nigerian lol)….

    I’d marry Chiwetel, he’s freaking cute.

  • RenJennM

    BLACK PANTHER!!! Ohhh sh*t! Black Panther is one of my FAVORITE Marvel characters EVER! (I’m a huge Marvel and DC fan. Don’t judge me. lol) If they come out with a perfectly executed film adaptation of Black Panther, with his ENTIRE story (him being the heir and king of an impenetrable, high-tech African nation and husband of X-Men’s Storm) done accurately, I can guarantee you… he WILL be the Black animated hero for little kids to look up to.

    But back to the original topic…. accents are one of the sexiest things a man can have when he speaks IMO. Along with Caribbean/West Indian accents, British accents are one of my favorite accents on a Black man. It’s like… meeting a Black person with real grey eyes or something. lol It’s so rare here in America because, duh, we’re Americans. I think that’s why they’re so coveted here–it’s so cool, different, and sexy!

    And let’s not even TALK about their distinguished swag and expertise in the grasp of various accents and languages. Mm mm mmm! Love it!

    Oh, and btw ladies: Idris Elba is already mine, so you all can step off now. Thank you! ;)