Comedian Affion Crockett created a sketch comedy show called, “In The Flow,” that aired on FOX. After only six episodes, the comedian revealed that the show is going to be cancelled.

FOX has not released an official statement, but Crockett revealed his future plans for the show in the video interview below. Crockett says he plans to go the Tyler Perry route and self-produce his show to eventually get it placed on another network. He also revealed that he was not given 100% creative control over his show while at FOX and he didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Crockett did impersonations of celebrities such as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, President Obama, Chris Brown, Drake and many more.

Do you think he will make a successful comeback?

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  • I agree w/Secret Ninja–that just looking at HIM for 30 mins was a bit ambitious–at least right now where he is in his career. Only 1 or 2 of the skits were funny, anyway.

  • whilome

    I, for one, am hopeful for him. There’s talent there. He just needs to hone his craft and get a better vision. I saw the premiere episode and was offended as woman and a black person. Kind of a hard pill to swallow when you tuned in for laughs.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    No offense Affion, but your show was basically a PG-13 version of Chappelle’s Show.

  • Quell

    What took so long? The dude is not funny.

  • Liz

    This show gone IS A GREAT THING!! Jamie Foxx should re-Think what is actually

    FUNNY!! “COONERY” is just that something for Foolish people with BIAS!

    The show was “HORRIFIC” and Insulting!!