You may think that Al Sharpton is giving a compliment by saying this, on the contrary it is anything but something nice. Sharpton honored Tyler Perry at his National Action Network event Wednesday night and called haters of Perry, “proper negroes.”

“This man never apologized for who we were…The ultimate pride is where you don’t have to bend and adjust for others to accept you. … He didn’t go mainstream, he brought mainstream to us.”

It is no secret that many Blacks don’t particularly care for Perry’s movies, plays and television shows. One well known proponent of Perry’s  work is Spike Lee. His forms of entertainment have been referred to as “coonery” and just as offensive as the black face minstrel shows.

When Perry went up to accept his award, he had this to say about all of his nay sayers:

“When you start out and you’re doing things and you’re trying to do the right things, and you find these attacks happening, and you try and figure out, ‘How do you handle this? How do you deal with this? How do you go there?’ So to have someone like you who has done all that you have done … and have inspired and encouraged and fought for so many people, to stand here and to give me this award, this is really, really awesome…”

“I stayed with who we are, and what I wish I could get us to understand as a people is that instead of getting your education and running from us, you need to ground and root yourself in who we are. Every other culture in this country knows the value of us as black people but we don’t know it ourselves,”

“Somebody said to me about the ‘House of Payne,’ ‘Why do you have fat black people on television?’ Because there are fat black people in the world. It’s not a stereotype. This is who we are, we need to stop running from our parents and our grandparents and our uncles, we need to stop running from them and embrace them.”

“I have the ear of the people, and I would be a fool to walk away from the gift that God has given me because somebody out there, a few people out there, have a problem with it.”

Well there you have it. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. If someone doesn’t like a particular form of entertainment that doesn’t mean they are wrong. It seems that Sharpton is saying that those who don’t support Perry are “uppidty.”  What do you think?

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