In a case that has drawn comparisons to the Casey Anthony trial,  Seattle native Amanda Knox has been ordrered released from an Italian jail after her conviction for the 2007 murder of her roommate was overturned in an appeal. Knox, who was referred to as “Foxy Knoxy” by the media over the course of this ordeal, originally confessed to killing Meridith Kerecher.  Her boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito, who has also been charged with the murder, is being released as well. The third accused killer, Côte d’Ivoire-born nomad Rudy Guede, exhausted his convictions and will continue serving a 16-year sentence for his role in the crime.

The Italian Supreme Court ruled that Knox’s rights were violated because the police did not inform her of her legal rights nor did they provide her with a lawyer and an official interpreter; as a result, her signed statement was inadmissible for Knox’s and Sollecito’s criminal trial.

Prosecutors argued in that Kercher was raped by Guede and killed by Knox and Sollecito in a sex game gone awry or for refusing to participate in an orgy with the group; they also speculated that Knox was jealous of her roommate, who had a better reputation than the American born student. Knox originally attempted to finger her boss Patrick Lumumba for the crime; he was held for two weeks and released. Lumumba maintains that Knox tried to frame him because he rejected her sexual advances. Knox’s defamation of character charges for her fabrication were upheld by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

It’s unfortunate that the police officers who initially interviewed Knox did not follow the law of the land, because it seems very likely that their incompitence has freed two killers and allowed a third to serve alone for a crime he committed as part of a group.


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