While there has been a ton of buzz about the campaign ad that features Herman Cain’s chief-of-staff talking about putting the “United” back in United States and smoking a cigarette, most of us missed this bizarre gem that was released by the Republican Presidential hopeful in August:

This sh!t is crazy, fam. He has an actor talking about how a “community organizer” can’t claim to have done the “real” things that a man like Herman Cain has… despite the fact that Cain HAS NEVER HELD POLITICAL OFFICE. And are we really doing the “community organizer” bit when, like it or lump it, Barack Obama has been President of the United States for over two years? And the line about liberals being the ones keeping the race issue alive is just amazing. It reminded me of Lawrence O’Donnell’s remarks about the Republican Party effectively convincing people that those who speak out about racial issues are the “real” racists, while those responsible for maintaining the racist status quo somehow avoid criticism.

If Herman Cain becomes the next POTUS, I’ll be out of here on the next thing smoking. Actually, I’ll smoke some crack. I can say this with confidence, because I am pretty sure that I’m just as likely to become the next President as this clown. But cheers to him for keeping it entertaining all the way.


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