America clearly has swine on her mind, as new bacon-flavored food items seem to make its way to grocery store shelves and restuarunt tables each day. The latest “OMG WTF” prouct is a bacon flavored syrup from Toriani, maker of syups that typically make declious cocktails and coffee drinks.

While many of our folks are going gaga for bacon cupcakes and bacon mayo, there are those of us who subscribe to the “no pork ever” diet. I have always felt like Black America has two polar views on the pig: either “Po’k, po’k, po’k! I lubs it! Give me more!” or “Don’t let that filthy creature anywhere near me”. Much of the latter has to do with the influence of Islam on Black conscious thought during the 60’s and 70’s and also, a need for some to totally distance themselves from our historical relationship with pork dating back to our days of eating scraps during slavery. There’s also those who abstain for health reasons.

My disdain for pork is totally a cultural thing. I was raised to recite “No swine on my mind! No pork on my pork! Pig makes you big!” by my militant father; other friends with similar backgrounds have recounted having to say “Lips that touch swine shall never touch mine!” Minus a two-year-foray into the world of swine dining (1994-1996 was a dark time that ended with me almost consuming a pig ear and swearing off of pork for good), I’ve adopted the same anti-pork attitude, but I tend not to be so judgemental as other pig abstainers. I just find the smell of it to be really, really gross and I would not allow it to be prepared in any pot or pan of mine.  But I also own the hypocricy in my addiction to the bottomfeeding catfish, which many believe to be just as dirty as the pig. I am the Bubba Gump of catfish: fried catfish, broiled catfish, grilled catfish, catfish tacos, catfish steak, catfish nuggets, catfish po’boys, catfish and grits…

Are you #allbaconeverything or #teamnoswine? Rep your set. It’s all in fun! Gotta love the diversity of Negronia.

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