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  • Priceless34

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see the hype surround Bey anymore. Never been a fan but I’ve enjoyed songs here and there. For someone to have such an amazing voice I feel that she wastes her talent on pointless pop music. Her songs lack any type sould and her videos are void of any type of emotion. I thougt the song was okay and the video even worse. She hasnt excepted the fact that she is older now and trying to put out music that doesnt fit the artist will be her downfall.

    • whatever

      I agree with you. The video was too “young” for her. It’s time to “grow up”. I know no one will agree with me on this but I don’t think Bey is 30. I was never buying her age from the start.

    • Linda

      @whatever I don’t think she’s 30 either. I always thought she was way older.

    • I agree as well. This video and song are just..blah/tacky in my opinion. I felt confused watching the 45 seconds that I could stand. I just don’t get it and I think Beyonce would benefit from maturing a bit and refraining from over saturating the market.

  • She sure is churning them (videos) out!

  • jpop

    Stop putting out a video every 16 hours! she is OVERKILLING it at this point. the problem is that they all kinda stink, imo
    RUSHED, not good craftsmanship, not very stylish
    it seems to me like she’s tryin to do two things:
    1. find a song/video that will resonate with the public and get to be a Top Ten single (nothing on the “4” album is #1 material, except maybe “End of Time,” and even that will need a Single Ladies-level video to get there)
    2. maintain her fame during her pregnancy (BAD move, the public likes it when stars go away and COME BACK)
    she doesn’t have to go away for YEARS, but a good 9 months free of beyonce would be good for her career. Let the people miss you and imagine you taking care of your baby instead of ramming ANOTHER dumb subpar video down our throats.

  • LOVE This video and J’s verse but Cant Get Enough is probably my favorite Cole video so far
    Check it at­-get-enough-clean-version/USQX91101318?­recSrc=artB&source=watch