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  • Nai

    Her pregnancy boobs are serious lol

    • Monz


  • isolde

    really good video!

  • I think she looks so great. I guess the video was made over a long period of time because she’s go super pregnant boobs and belly in some scenes then she’s the normal looking Beyonce. Either way, I am so happy for her and wish her only the best in life. Also, many parts of her video do look a lot like that Belgian choreographer’s video. She cannot deny that so I hope she doesn’t..

    • I meant, “she’s got* super pregnant boobs..” Well, there are a hell of a lot of grammar mistakes. Let me just leave it at that.

  • BolaMuyis

    Breathtakingly Beautiful. I had to replay it a couple of times.

  • nyclightss

    CUTEEEE … shout out to the creative directorrr…!!!